The Drowned Knight, a Poem from the land of Ritter

Composed by an unkown squire, sometime in the Age of Glory, since then, a staple of Ritter bards and performers.

Upon the gleaming lands of Ritter

A knight clad in shining steel rode

His face and crown adorned in gold

With the clinking and jangling of his metal

Which did sound much like potted kettle

By the road

Set upon by bandits with broken blades and rotted teeth

The knight let out a great laugh and took out his blade from its sheath

With a great swing he made quick work of them

Leaving them upon the forest floor they were condemned

By the cave

Awoke a great bear

With a roar that did pierce the fair air

Slashed and claw it did

By the shining armor of the knight all harm it did forbid

When the knight swung his sword

And took the bear’s head to the local lord

By the river

The folk told of a beast

Hewn of scale which had swam from the east

Upon the sea the knight did wade

To pierce the sea dragon with his blade

By the rushing flow of water

The knight found his own slaughter

For now upon the bottom of the river

Clad in shining metal like that of silver

Sits the Drowned Knight

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