The House Moricar

House Moricar is proud if somewhat looked down upon in Midland. Moricar has a reputation of being the weakest of the houses, as their levies in war are often skirmishers or archers, unable to win glory on the battlefield as the steel-clad warriors common in Midland. Their capital is Luxen, a town centered in a tall green hill. It was here that King Roi, founder of the modern house of Moricar, saw the god of the hunt, Godric, descend from the sky on a golden chariot, and slew a boar charging at Roi. The king collapsed from this encounter, and when he could stand, ordered his vassals to erect a shrine to Godric. They did so, carving a stone statue of a boar and erecting the castle of Luxen.

The house Moricar is known famously for the men who live as their subjects, the Rivermen of the Tyr. Slender and tall, these men wear brightly colored cloaks and tunics as they ride and wade through the reedy shores of the River Tyr, carrying javelins or longbows as they hunt the boars and deer which reside there. A simple folk, they carry a song in their heart and pipe at their mouth, even in battle, where they were little to no armor for fear of being slowed down.

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