The House Crawe

To the north of Lorine, the winds grow cold and the earth hardens into soil akin to stone, yet House Crawe shines as a pinnacle of wealth. The Crawes have ruled the different lordlings of Midland for centuries, keeping power through wealth, rather than brute force. Founded by Scallion Crawe, a merchant from the Elnish lands with barely a copper to his name, they would rise to the rank of the most powerful nations in less than a lifetime.

Scallion came north with a handful of iceberries, a species of grape nearly immune to cold, with little need for water or rich soil. Scallion cast the grape seeds across the fields of Midland, and by the summer harvest of the next year, was the wealthiest man in Midland. His wineries appeared throughout the fledgling nation. Crawe was no kind soul, he was rumored to have burned at least five competing vineyards and alehouses, all in the name of monopoly.By the end of his life, he had built a city of marble, named Prav, and had amassed one of the largest fortunes the world had ever seen.

His descendant Malcom now rules Midland as Vine King, guarded by fill regiments of men bearing the golden vine upon their breastplate. Wealth flows into Prav from the country, though the sweet nectar of iceberry wine has weakened the industrial nature of house Crawe, who have not worked the land like their ancestors for generations.

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