Welund’s Blessing, Song of the Deangli

A traditional drinking song of the Deangli, the folk from across the Sea of Stars. Invokes the name of their chief god, Welund the Smith, and his son their first king, Pwyll.

Hammer (Welund)! Hammer (Welund)! Call down your son!

Who sailed cross the Sea of Stars

Hammer (Welund)! Hammer (Welund)! You came once before!

To the brave and fair one

The good maid Gweneth

Pwyll you did father

Us you did shelter

Hammer (Welund)! Hammer (Welund)! Now come once more!

Upon the Moonshore

You beat and you hammered

The foulest of demons, away from our hearths

Now brave hammer, bless us once more

Hammer (Welund)! Hammer (Welund)! Call down your son!

King Pwyll the Wisest of All!

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